All about Serengeti National Park and Safari Tours There

The word “Serengeti” in the local Maasai language refers to ”wide open space”, stretching across the Lake Victoria shores to the west, with Lake Eyasi on the south and then the Rift Valley on the north as well as the east, the Serengeti is with no with doubt the most renowned National Park in Africa specifically prominent for the annual wildebeests plus zebras migration which occurs starting November or even December up to  June or even July. Close to 2 million wildebeests plus 450,000 zebras participate in this circuit traversing more than 1000 km in a nonstop search for fresh pastures and water. The wildebeest calving season begins in February in plains covered with “short grass” within the Ndutu /or the Olduvai area.

Serengeti is habitat to the well-known “BIG FIVE” that includes elephants, cape buffaloes, the uncommon rhinos, leopards, hippos and close to 2000 lions. In addition, the park has several giraffes, baboons, elands, impalas, plus other types of antelopes, plus over 500 species of birds. You can enjoy breathtaking sights large prides of lions.

serengeti national park

The park can be accessed all through the year, and it is just 7 hours drive from Arusha, and by plane just one and a half hours. A number of charter companies offer scheduled flights to Seronera, situated right in the heart of the park. Furthermore, the Serengeti offers Private campsites which we actually use during our Luxury Camping-Safaris. We choose the best places to book, basing on the period of year. Once in a while we may opt for Serengeti Serena Lodge or even Ndutu Safari Lodge, basing on the period of year.

Evert year over 6 million hooves are seen matching across the renowned Serengeti endless plains. Following the seasonal rains, over one million wildebeests, 300,000 Thomson’s gazelles and 200,000 zebras; congregate to take part in this lengthy trek as they search for fresh grazing lands. The wildebeests’ rutting season is a hyperactive 3 weeks spell of territorial invasion and mating, trailed by survival-of-the-fittest as the long columns close to 40 km long push through river waters crowded with crocodiles. Restock of the species is the short population blast that produces over 8,000 calves and it is just one day prior to the 1,000 kilometers pilgrimage which then starts all over again.

The Serengeti which is the most renowned park in Tanzania is prominent for its large number of leopards plus lions. The large plains of the park are a perfect hiding destination for the black rhino in danger of extinction and offer a sheltered breeding-ground for the numerous cheetahs, in addition to the other thousands of resident species within the Serengeti in addition to the 500 bird species and 100 species of dung beetles.

At the end of the rains, the golden horizon of the Serengeti is magically altered into an endless verdant carpet, splashed with numerous wildflowers. The famed plains are scattered with rivers lined with beautiful acacia trees, very tall termite mounds, wooded hills and epic rocky kopjes.

How to access the Serengeti

There are Scheduled plus charter flights coming from Mwanza, Arusha and Lake Manyara.
Alternatively drive from Tarangire, Arusha, Ngorongoro Crater or Lake Manyara.

Activities to enjoy within the Serengeti

Pleasure in Tanzanian safaris held in hot-air-balloons, game drives, walking safari, picnicking, bush lunches or dinner which can actually be organized with your hotel or tour operator.  In addition marvel at the stunning Maasai-Rock paintings as well as musical rocks.

Visit the adjacent Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano,  Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Natron to see the numerous flamingos and the historic Olduvai Gorge.

The best time to visit the Serengeti

To trail the annual wildebeest migration, visit between December and July. On the other hand, to see the numerous predators, it is recommended that you journey between June and October.

Available accommodation within the Serengeti 

  • Serengeti Serena
  • Lemala Luxury Camp
  • Dunia Camp
  • Soroi Serengeti Lodge
  • Kati Kati Camp
  • Mbalageti Suite
  • Bushtops Camp
  • Piyaya Mobile Camp
  • Sayari Camp
  • Mapito Tented Lodge
  • Olakira Tented Camp
  • Lobo Wildlife Lodge
  • Serengeti Simba Lodge
  • Mbalageti Serena
  • Kusini Camp
  • Mbuzi Mawe Camp
  • Seronera Wildlife Lodge
  • Serengeti Sopa Lodge
  • Kirawira Camp
  • Serengeti Migration Camp
  • Klein’s Camp
  • Grumeti River Camp

There are four lodges, camp sites and 6 luxury tented-camps scattered in this vast park. In addition, a new lodge had recently been opened called the Bilila Lodge. This Five Star lodge offers comfort and luxury. There is a luxury camp plus two tented-camps just on the rim of the Serengeti.

Safari within the Serengeti

Tanzania is genuinely the safari capital around the globe; the term “safari” is a Swahili word – the local language of the people of Tanzania. When on a holiday within Tanzania it is recommended never to miss visiting the spectacular natural beauty as well as the amazing wildlife of the Serengeti.

The Sensational Serengeti 

When Stewart Edward White discovered the Serengeti back in 1913, he stated that they moved for miles through dried out country, Then I noticed the verdant trees by the river, strolled 2 additional miles and found myself within a paradise.

To the local Masaai who stayed in this stunning place it was referred to as “Siringitu” – a location where the land keeps moving on forever.” Any person visiting the vast Serengeti will be amazed by the large size of this area. just Stand and appreciate the very best features of nature as well as lose yourself within this paradise of East Africa.

The Serengeti area includes many National Parks plus Game reserves within Tanzania such as the Serengeti National Park, Maasai Mara National Reserve found in Kenya, Maswa Game Reserve, the Ikorongo, Loliondo and Grumeti Conserved Areas, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

The Serengeti extends over a 30,000 km² area and is among the oldest ecosystems on the earth. Comprised of extensive open grass plains, swamps, savannah, lakes, wooded grassland, rivers and black clay flatlands, the Serengeti is a varied and spectacular area.

The exceptional blend of habitats plus ecosystems allows the region to support great number of various animal plus bird species.

The Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is a well known wildlife haven worldwide. With the largest number of plain wildlife worldwide, the Serengeti National Park has turned into a most liked amongst the safari enthusiasts around the world. Upon visiting the mystical place you’ll understand why.

When On a safari within the Serengeti National Park one will observe wildebeests, zebras, impalas, warthogs, gazelles, hyenas, lions, leopards, cheetahs, caracals and giraffes among others. The stunning black-maned lions within Seronera are among the parks most marvelous sights, previously hunted and almost went extinct they can today be seen moving in prides of nearly 20 members. 

Serengeti Will Not Die

It isn’t just safari seekers who visit the Serengeti National Park, the region is a crucial center of scientific research. The groundbreaking work of Dr. Bernhard Grizmek together with his Michael relating to aerial surveys of wild animals generated the best-selling vintage “Serengeti Shall Not Die”. This Serengeti Research Institute endures their work, and offers essential information on the management as well as conservation of the game park’s ecology plus ethnology.

It is just the rhinos that no longer wander these grass plains following poaching that wiped them out .

Conservation attempts within the park have result in the growth of numbers of the wildebeests plus buffaloes which has benefited as well the predators like lions, cheetahs, as well as hyenas. Even though conserving the delicate ecosystem of the Serengeti is a priority, overgrazing, droughts as well as disease   are threats to the continuity of this great African area. The government of Tanzania is taking each and every safety measure to guarantee the conservation of this remarkable natural phenomenon for humanity to enjoy.

The Serengeti – An all Year Round Place

Travel there between December and the month of March to enjoy the beauty of a true African summer. The brief, infrequent rains offer relief from the day’s heat and game viewing is excellent.

Throughout the rainy season that endures from April up to June, there are usually less vacationers and the price of a safari costs less. Don’ be overwhelmed by this although because the game viewing possibilities are nevertheless superb.

From July up to November these are the most hectic with regards to travel within the Serengeti. Safaris as well as tours become very busy right away therefore make sure to reserve ahead of time to enjoy your summer vacations exploring this spectacular region.

Without a doubt among the finest times to go to the Serengeti is through the yearly migration as thousands of wildebeests plus zebras start their way from the vast Serengeti within Tanzania to Masai Mara in Kenya

As predators pursue the wildebeests plus zebras closely, taking a migration safari is a perfect chance to see lions along with other large cats.

Even though the precise timing of this migration varies each and every year the perfect time to enjoy this spectacular phenomenon is from June up to August. The animals then normally spend Two months within the Masai Mara after which they commence their long return journey to the marvelous Serengeti.